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10 Natural Methods to Have a Critter-Free Home


Pest Control

Problem about critters? Here are natural solutions to make your home critter-free without the use of harmful chemicals. Rather, use herbal, fruit, or even soap-laden alternatives for annoying pests such as ants, rodents, and mosquitoes.


10 Natural Methods to Have a Critter-Free Home

1. Prevent Flies using Basil



Flies dislike the scent of basil. In order to discourage them, put Basil pots at entrances, windowsills as well as on your counter. If you do not have sufficient sunlight for the potted basil, place dried basil inside a muslin pouch, rub it often to maintain the strong scent.


2. Discourage Spiders with Lemon




Spiders do not like citrus. Mix water in a spray bottle and mix with unsweetened lemon juice. Wipe the countertops with that mixture or perhaps spray the doorways as well as windowsills. It is possible also to prevent spiders in the garden by scattering around the lemon or orange peels.


3. Prevent Ants with White Vinegar



Use 1/2 vinegar solution and water to clean countertops along with other surfaces where you've seen ants. For the best results, do this many times a day. This damages the scent trails in which ants use to get around.


4. Invite Owls to Your Property



A couple of barn owls can consume more than 3,000 rats in the nesting season. Entice them into your home using an owl box, in case a rafter or perhaps tree crook isn't available. If the supply of food is dependable, similar owls will return in every season.


5. Make Fake Wasps with Artificial Nest



Wasps are extremely territorial . They will not create a nest within 20 yards apart from each other. So make or purchase your own artificial nest. This is similar to a scarecrow for them. Hang one within the front yard and the other at the back, and you’re finished.


6. Fight Mosquitos using Catnip



Cats love catnip while mosquitoes don't. According to the study, catnip plant repels mosquitoes better than Deet. You can plant it in the garden or apply catnip oil to your skin to get protected for 2 hours.


7. Get rid of Fleas using Salt



Salting as well as vacuuming your doors can eliminate flea eggs. However, since fleas have a 3-day reproduction cycle, be diligent. Put salt daily for 9 days as well as vacuum every 3rd day. Do not forget to clean the vacuum after using so they will not crawl back again!


8. Use Cinnamon Oil to Lessen Dust Mites




Cinnamon bark oil can control dust mites. Combine a few drops in a 50/50 water solution as well as denatured alcohol. Now, spray the beddings, carpets, as well as other areas where dust usually collects.


9. Get rid of Fruit Flies using a Deadly Recipe



Trap fruit flies using this simple method: Fill the glass with 3/4 vinegar. Add 6 to 8 drops of your dishwashing liquid, and fill up the top along with warm water. Gruesomely powerful.


10. Prevent Deer using Irish Spring soap



Deer can be a pest to the gardener. Many have experienced luck preventing deer by using Irish Spring soap. You can hang it or spike it into a spot near stuff that deer prefer to eat. On the other hand, sprinkle particles or small chunks of the soap on the soil.


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