7 buyer turn-ons that sellers often ignore

In real estate, we sometimes use the term “under market” to illustrate a home which is priced or perhaps bought for under its fair market value. But I sometimes see an unrelated real estate phenomenon I think Webster’s dictionary would rank as a second definition for “undermarketing”: to list a home and fail to mention [...]

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Big threats to your home’s value

Do you know the value of your home? In your case, this could be invaluable. Those are probably the spaces in which your kids grew up, where memories were created. However a prospective buyer may possibly observe whether or not there are granite countertops, an open floor plan or a cleaned garden when deciding whether [...]

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The 5 things your real estate agent won’t tell you

U.S. home prices have rebounded to mid-2004 levels, according to the latest S&P/Case-Shiller home price survey, and though monthly gains are slowing, this spring — traditionally the prime homebuying season — looks to be a sellers’ market. ************************************************ Like. Share. Tag. Join The My First Home Community Page! [...]

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4 secrets to homebuyer budgeting

4 secrets to homebuyer budgeting Living in one income to another could be the tradition for most people. Yet homebuyers want a much better strategy. “If buying a home is your goal, then it needs to be your priority,” says Tim Kirchner, vice president of MetLife Bank in Irving, Texas. “Most people need to sacrifice [...]

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5 steps to renting out your home

5 steps to renting out your home In the current real-estate market, many homeowners are turning into landlords. After all, property costs are 50% lower or a lot more in most areas of the country. The idea of selling in this market will make the most endured homeowner’s stomach clench. If you are thinking about [...]

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Want to reduce your taxes? Here’s how – Tips to reduce your 2014 taxes

One rueful lesson of tax season: Some deductions require lots of advance planning. Homeowners willing to do the legwork now can find some creative ways to lessen their tax bills next year. Jumbo-mortgage holders can only deduct annual interest payments on up to $1 million of debt that they take to buy, build or improve [...]

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5 home ‘upgrades’ to avoid

5 home ‘upgrades’ to avoid Before you place your property on the market, think about remodelling. Sometimes small projects can recover 100% or even more of the costs. The projects possibly to generate back their cash include a renovated master bathroom as well as small kitchen updates. However, there are 5 that will not improve [...]

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Getting the best mortgage deal

Economical ways to stage your home

First impressions matter, and that’s why you want to start by making sure your home exudes curb appeal. Go all out with small do-it-yourself projects. ************************************************ Like. Share. Tag. Join The My First Home Community Page! ************************************************ [information]<a href=””><img alt=”economical ways to stage your home” src=”” width=”568″ height=”1024″ [...]

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Tips to boost your home’s appraisal

The appraiser was expected within an hour. The bedrooms were unmade, plates in the sink are scattered. Would the appraiser care? In the end, I know cheap appraisals can destroy deals. They may also destroy a refinancing application. When an appraisal enters in way too low, it is not worthy of refinancing, or you will [...]

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Home Mortgage Loan

Alternatives to the 30-year mortgage

If you are getting a home, it’s possible you’ll get a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage loan. This is the most widely used home financing choice, based on Freddie Mac, the government-sponsored organisation that operates to assist homeowners acquire mortgages. During the last few years, people who acquired home mortgages extremely select the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage loan. [...]

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