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7 ways to trim moving costs

When you employ professionals, there are methods you can lower your expenses, like by means of tax breaks, research as well as packing up little belongings just before the movers show up. Roughly 16.7 million homeowners move yearly, according to the Census Bureau. Individuals make moves year-round, however the hottest period for moving is summer [...]

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Home Staging: 3 proven strategies that SELL FAST!

Home Staging: 3 proven strategies that SELL FAST! When it comes to selling your property fast in the real estate today, staging your home is the best idea to consider. Staging your home can transform into a desirable place to live and makes selling fast. The  real estate market is challenging and tough and a [...]

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Property Transfer Guidelines in South Africa

Property Transfer Guidelines in South Africa Property Transfer Guidelines in South Africa - In Cape town, the most inconvenience and considered a big problem that most home buyers are facing is the property transfer.  This is due to the delays of the city department.  The process of the real estate transfer requires patience because the [...]

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Getting the best mortgage deal

5 Extra Costs When Buying a House in South Africa

Planning to get a property? There are extra costs when buying a house in South Africa. To be safe, before signing the preliminary contract, make a rigid examination regarding the average closing costs for buyer and other fees to be paid.  Once done, confirmed all the details in the form of writing. Additionally, the associated [...]

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Things to Consider in Building A Home

If you like this infographic please feel free to share by copying the code below: [information]<a href="http://myfirstho.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Things-to-consider.jpg"><img alt="Things to Consider in Building A Home" src="http://myfirstho.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Things-to-consider.jpg" width="568" height="1024" /></a>[/information] Building a home involves many compromises.  Lots of home buyers today preferred to build their home because they cannot find the perfect style of home in the resale market. However, [...]

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Sellers Advice: Home Report in Scotland

Home report is essential when selling real estate in Scotland. It is actually consists of 3 documents like energy report, property questionnaire, as well as single survey. A home report is available upon request by the prospect home buyers. When requesting for a home report, the legal requirement is not needed anymore if the property [...]

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Four Tips to reduce closing costs

If you like this infographic please feel free to share by copying the code below:   [information]<a href="http://myfirstho.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/4-Tips-to-Reduce-Closing-Costs.jpg"><img alt="3 Top Tips in Selecting a Home for Your Family" src="http://myfirstho.me/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/4-Tips-to-Reduce-Closing-Costs.jpg" width="568" height="1024" /></a>[/information] Four Tips  to reduce closing costs The most difficult endeavor is buying a house. Saving for the down payment takes several years and also takes [...]

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