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Top 10 Tips for Designing Your Indoor Garden


Indoor Gardening Ideas

Top 10 Tips for Designing Your Indoor Garden

Indoor plants, bring in life as well as color into your home and need a little maintenance. Consider these simple indoor techniques to make your home colourful and lively.

1. Find the right place for plants




Find the ideal place in your home for every single plant. Do not hesitate to try various till you discover the best spot.

2. Create a floor forest




If your room appears very dark to maintain a lovely healthy plant, do not be confused. Many indoor plants come in tropical as well as subtropical areas, particularly in equatorial forests. These plants flourish in darker environments as well as filtered light. The perfect location is in the front of a huge window facing west, filtered when necessary by a scrim curtain.

3. Sun-lover plants must face north





When you have a plant that needs a lot of sunshine, put it on the windowsill pointing north. Check out regularly the level of the soil moisture and examine the leaves to be sure not getting burned. At the sign of slightest withering, transfer the plant to the center of the room.

4. Bathroom Plants




Ferns as well as other moisture-loving indoor plants work best in misty rooms such as bathrooms in which they can tolerate frequent doses of vapor.

5. Water plants from the bottom




Water directly poured into the soil may cause flooding, or cannot reach the plant's roots. Rather, water them bottom up by positioning them in a pot and fill with water. Sensitive plants like fuchsias love this method. Be sure all pots have holes at the base where water can be absorbed.

6. Keep away plants from ventilation




If you do not want the plant to die of cold or heat, prevent it from placing in draughty places or close to air-conditioning units or ducted heat.

7. Don't water too much



Water the plants only if the soil is dry. Watering indoor plants often cause death. Examine by pressing your finger into the soil; when it comes out with no soil trace, start sprinkling water. Keep in mind that plants need more regular watering during summer.

8. Plants love to be misted




Many indoor plants gain from a casual sprinkling of water. Be sure to use a spray bottle when doing so. Sprinkling is very advantageous if you are living in an air-conditioned or centrally heated house because the air can be extremely dry.

9. Apply fertilizer




Nourish the plants with little amount of fertilizer. The quickest and easiest solution is using a liquid fertilizer within the recommended dosage, often every 2 to 4 weeks.

10. Put ice cubes




An effective method to water the plants at a constant rate is to make use of ice cubes. Place a few over the pot soil and then leave to melt.

Designing your own indoor garden is easy by following these gorgeous tips.


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