Why Summer Home Buying is so Hot

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Why Summer Home Buying Is So Hot


Why Summer Home Buying is so Hot – Summerhome-buying season usually occurs yearly from March up to September. Seasonality offers important significance for sellers and buyers, and it is normally most obvious in markets having seasonal change. Yet additional factors such as the school year as well as expiring rents have lots to perform with home-buying season also.

Says Matt Phipps, a Realtor at Phipps Real Estate in Warwick, R.I., “most buyers don’t want to move in the middle of a snowstorm, and most sellers realize their house will show better when buyers can see the beautiful flowers, the landscaped lawn.” Additionally he said, “a new roof will show really well from a curb-appeal standpoint in spring or summer compared with having snow covering it.”

Seasonality increases an essential question of whether or not brokers, sellers, home buyers and also appraisers must adjust prices of recently marketed comparable homes to mirror acknowledged patterns.


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