6 Small Kitchen Makeovers On A Budget

6 Small Kitchen Makeovers On A Budget

Want to give a face lift on your outdated kitchen?  The small kitchen makeovers on a budget will show how outdated kitchen transform into a modern look for less than R1000.  All you have to do is to gather materials from the local warehouse near your place and a small DIY weekend task can transform your small and outdated kitchen into a modern

The most costly splurge for small kitchen makeovers was applying colorful and bright mosaic tiles.  However, the white and green glass tiles brought a touch of color that was needed to change the kitchen from dull to a beautiful one.  There are lots of stunning choices of mosaic tiles for the price of R70 and up.

To make the cabinets look new, apply several coats of your preferred paint.  The instructions on how to apply paint can be seen on the label.  Follow the instructions to make kitchen renovation simple and easy.
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