7 Reasons Why I Should Keep Wooden Windows

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7 Reasons Why I Should Keep Wooden Windows

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Reasons why should I keep wooden windows at my home

; If you have just moved into your home and are thinking about doing some renovations then one of the first things that you might think about changing is the old wooden windows that are fitted in older properties. This may seem appealing as these windows are aging and may appear initially expensive to keep and care for but this definitely is not the case. Wooden windows offers  a wide range of styles and designs to suit almost any design, from the most contemporary to the very traditional – for example, sliding sash windows, mock sash windows, horizontal gliding windows, full pane windows, small pane windows and top-hung windows. The rich grain and organic texture of solid wood make beautifully crafted wooden windows a wonderful addition to any home or building. Double-glazing and insulation can easily reduce the energy spent on regulating the temperature in your home by as much as 50%. The classic beauty of wood is something that lasts through the ages, and this is why wooden windows boast the best staying power when compared to other types of windows. This not only saves the builder and homeowner time and money, but it also ensures that the windows and doors are protected against any exposure to the elements.

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